Beta Program

Last updated: May 31, 2017

We are currently looking for one hundred ridesharing drivers to beta test our Android app. The program will complete approximately two weeks after starting.

Once completed

- Upon public release, we will provide you with an ad free version of the app for at least one year (if and when ads are displayed in the app).

- Offer you top tier level support for the app; any issues, feedback, and/or suggestions will be prioritized ahead of lesser tiers.

Qualified candidates

- Should be a driver for a ridesharing and/or delivery service.

- Should drive regularly within the United States (daily would be preferred).

- Have at least 3 months driving experience.

- Use an Android device

Our Expectations

- You provide general feedback, at a minimum, every other day. If everything is OK, an email with one line would be enough. Otherwise, you can email as much and as many times as you want.

- Report bugs (especially crashes) in a timely manner.

- You perform, at a minimum, ten searches a day.

- Answer a survey at the end of each week.

- Update to the latest when a new release is available.

- Do not redistribute the app.

If you are interested

Send an email to beta@dropoffmap.com with a brief description of yourself, your driving experience, in what city you drive, and the type of Android device you use.

If you are selected, we will notify you and provide additional information.
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